Ian | Gay Male Massage Expert in Bangkok

Age: 25

Height: 170 Cm

Weight: 70 Kg

Ian is a popular male masseur in our agency for his professional gay male massage service. He has a great and attractive muscular body. He is loved by many of the clients because of his great physique. He is also a talented gay masseur who has several skills hidden in his muscular hand. He can even surprise the clients with his special massages. He is very much loyal to his job. He tries to put his 100% during the job. There is no client who is dissatisfied with his service.

He is a muscular man with a stout figure. He has a handsome look, and he impresses his female clients with his first look. The female clients are a fan of his. He is having muscular biceps and the chest. All the parts of his body are properly shaped. He is 170 cm tall. He maintains his weight nearly about 70 kg. His hands are well equipped for the massage.

Ian’s gay male massage skills and talents

Ian is a talented Bangkok masseur. His hands are god gifted. They really have some magic. The clients say that after the massage they miss his hands touching their body. With each touch, he gives the ultimate sensation and the pleasing effect. Ian is driven by passion. His passion was to become a masseur, and he is here for this. There is no person that does not love his way of massage. He knows the best tricks of the massage. He is one of the most talented masseurs.

He knows the limit of the twist and the turns that a human body need for the comfort. He leaves no part of the body untouched during the gay male massage. For his gay clients, he has some of the exclusive massage for them. The body rub, shower massage, erotic massage. He can also give the plain body massage, oil massage and much more. He is also the therapist for the couples. This gives him the best satisfaction.

Ian is very much busy in his working hours. Many of the clients are repetitive, and this is the reason he is busy always. Ian has the best talent of the gay male massage in him. His skills attract many new clients every day. He remains busy for most of the times. You need to book him in advance to get his service on time. You can book him in online or you can have a booking on the phone. When you have done the booking, he will come to your doorstep for the service.