Matheus | Bisexual Male Massage Therapist in Bangkok

Age: 25

Height: 175 Cm

Weight: 70 Kg

Matheus is a western muscular masseur who is famous for his quality Bangkok sensual massage. There are people who wait for his turn for the massage. He is one of the most popular bisexual masseurs in Bangkok. He loves his job, and this has made him come to Bangkok. He is the very cool guy in his behavior, and he is very much frank and loves humor. There are many people who take the massage from him on a regular basis.

Matheus is a handsome guy with fair complexion skin. He has a body that will make the women go mad for him. He is a muscular massage therapist with a good body shape. He has very god biceps and the chest. Many women love his body. He maintains his weight very well. His weight is nearly 81 kg. He is also a tall guy, and he is 176 cm tall. People love the stylish attitude of him.

Skilled western muscular masseur in Bangkok

Matheus is a popular muscular masseur in Bangkok, and he has all the potential to please his clients. He knows all the tricks of the sensual massage, and he applies them to the best possible way. Matheus uses his hand as the best tool for the massage. During the massage, he chats with the clients and knowing their feedback and the reactions he carries on. He tries to relax the client with the good understanding of the emotions too. People love the way he talks with them.

There is a good amount of sensual massage in his list. He knows how to give the body massage, oil massage, shower massage, soapy massage, and erotic massage. He even reaches the erogenous zone of the ladies on demand and gives a very good massage. He gives the right twist and the turns to the breast during the massage. This gives a very good satisfaction, and it releases the tension. He does not leave a single part of the body untouched during the sensual massage.

As a professional western muscular masseur in Bangkok Matheus has a very good demand in the massage. He tries to give his 100% during the sensual massage session. He has chosen the profession with his passion, and this is why he delivers the quality Bangkok sensual massage. He is very much busy in his job hours. It is because of his good demand in the market. To get his service you needs to book in advance and then he can get the service in time.